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Fire Information

Last updated: August 15th, 2013 -- 7:50 AM

There are no fires on Philmont property, or on areas used by Philmont.

The Silver fire is 85 percent contained. The Silver fire has been turned over to a type 2 incident management team. The Jaroso fire was started on 6/10/13 and will be handled by the Southwest Incident Management Team on 6/13/13. The Jaroso fire is 75 percent contained.

As wind currents change Philmont may experience smoke from the fires. The smoke may be more noticeable in the late afternoon, night and morning as it settles into the valleys. Should the smoke reach a moderate air quality level activity will be monitored to insure the safety of all participants. The smoke from the large fires will drift across the country to the Atlantic Ocean. The NOAA web site is a source to follow air quality.

Philmont spends a great deal of time preparing for every kind of emergency. We conduct training for the more than 1,000 seasonal staff members who facilitate the Philmont Experience each summer.

Fire suppression on private land in New Mexico is coordinated by New Mexico State Forestry. We have a well trained wildland fire fighting team made up of employees of the Ranch and have mutual aid support from many others. The State Forestry Office is located on the border of Philmont property. Philmont maintains regular communication with them.

Philmont Scout Ranch and the Philmont use areas have received significant moisture this past month. The state of New Mexico has cancelled the fire restrictions that have been in place on state and private land since May. Philmont is now at a Level 3 - High fire level. Fire restrictions are as follows: Program Campfires are prohibited. Staff Campfires at established fire rings or other fire areas are prohibited. Refer to Philmont’s latest fire restrictions document for the exceptions to program use. Crew campfires in the Backcountry are permitted. Fireworks are prohibited and smoking is prohibited except in designated safe areas. As of July 22, all fire restrictions have been lifted on the Carson National Forest .

(1) Silver
(Updated 08-15-2013)
Location: 7 miles southwest of Kingston, NM
Distance from Philmont: 375 miles
Date Started: 6-7-2013
Size: 138,705 acres
Percent Contained: 85%
Cause: Lightning
(2) Jaroso Fire
(Updated 08-15-2013)
Location: Six miles southeast of Borrego Mesa, NM
Distance from Philmont: 117 miles
Date Started: 6-10-2013
Size: 11,149 acres
Percent Contained: 75%
Cause: Lightning


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