Practical Greening

Most of us have an idea of what sustainability means – and often the concept is overwhelming. Where do you start? What can you do? Can you really make a difference? Look no further. Start with this hands-on, activity-based course. You won’t find scholarly mumbo-jumbo here. Just practical, uncomplicated, day-to-day actions you can implement. For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America has been a leader in conservation education and environmental stewardship. In fact, you might say we were green when green was just a color. This course is for people who care about the world around them and the people in it. Upon completion of this course, your enthusiasm for practical sustainability will be contagious. You’ll have the tools and knowledge to spearhead “Practical Sustainability” programs with your family, council and community. Join us as we advance the Scouting commitment to move from Green to Deep Green.


Week 8: July 30-August 5


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