PhilNews 2008

Raton Press

In 2012, PhilNews made a transition from an 8.5x11 inch format to a newsprint format.

2008 PhilNews Team

Steve Nelson

NPS Manager
James King

PhilNews Manager
Chris Dunn

Photo Manager
Jamie Thorpe

Lead Videographer
Ian Olesnevich

PhilNews Staff
Jennifer Peters

Photo Staff
Ben Boettger
Rebecca Bost
Stephen Bush
Jeanne Collins
Lisa McCarthy
Danny Shipley
Karlie Smith
George Terrizzi

Bryan Hayek

Andrew Tyler

Leonard Montoya

Issue Date Feature Stories More inside!
11 August 15
  • The memories of 2008
  • 2008 Photo Contest Results
  • I'd always wondered...
August 15, 2008 Issue 11
10 August 8
  • SSSAC to be dedicated on Aug. 16
  • Kit Carson’s cozy porch and its view
  • The adventures of Rayado: Mike takes days of
  • Crater Lake rocks!
  • Yet another summer gone by
  • Visiting the Caseys at Crooked Creek
  • The mountaineering life at Clear Creek
August 8, 2008 Issue 10
9 August 1
  • Philmont documentary in the works
  • Adventures at Crater Lake
  • The debate rages on: Who has the best porch view?
  • The Tobasco Donkeys are coming to
  • Visit the 1850s at Kit Carson
  • The camp where “maximum fun” is law
  • Indian Writings: where history lives on
August 1, 2008 Issue 9
8 July 25
  • What exactly is the Double H?
  • Good times at the Double H: what it’s
    like to staff there
  • What crews can expect at the Double H
  • Pie Town: for sweet tooths only
  • Three shots apiece for crews at Martin
  • Deer Lake Mesa ‘ists work to build trail
  • Philmont’s first all-female work crew
July 25, 2008 Issue 8
7 July 18
  • Philmont, KU dedicate new Health Lodge
  • The Challenge camps: pushing campers toward new heights
  • An array of visuals at Head of Dean
  • Urraca’s ghosts, goblins and challenges
  • Dan Beard offers more than challenge
  • Get to work and have fun at Rich Cabins
  • Lookin’ good and loggin’ at Pueblano
July 18, 2008 Issue 7
6 July 11
  • First session of Rayado concludes
  • Outdoor Channel to feature Philmont
  • The Conservationist: "A cooperative way of life"
  • Philmont as a family affair
  • Maverick Club Rodeo hosts events, hundreds of spectators and a grand old time
  • Guns and gorillas – that’s what makes them Sawmill
  • Viking feasts and robots at Ute Gulch
July 11, 2008 Issue 6
5 July 3
  • Editor's Note: "Welcome to July!"
  • The Conservationist: "For food, for life"
  • Hiking Little Costilla Peak
  • The coolest thing I own is a pair of dirty boots
  • IWTGBTP...
  • Chaplains' Corner: "The Two-Second Rule"
  • Cattle Headquarters: helping fulfill
    Phillips’ vision
July 3, 2008 Issue 5
4 June 27
  • Kwahadi Dancers perform at PTC
  • Fire on Tooth Ridge contained in 24
  • The Conservationist: “Paper or plastic?”
  • The summer solstice
  • Confessions of a 34-year-old, first-year backcountry staffer
  • Archery, sunsets and sweat lodges at Apahe Springs
  • Millionaire lifestyle at Fish Camp
June 27, 2008 Issue 4
3 June 20
  • The Conservationist: "All R’s are not created equal"
  • Our Scouting family
  • Welcome to the Valle Vidal
  • What the Valle Vidal is, and means to us
  • Ring Place: There really is no place like home
  • A day at Seally Canyon
  • Whiteman Vega: a biking challenge
June 20, 2008 Issue 3
2 June 13
  • Practice lightning safety
  • A prologue: natural resource
  • All I need is a $3 harmonica
  • Behind the curtain at Philmont
  • Haunted fun at Urraca
  • ‘Twas the first day of Scatter
  • What you never knew about NAYLE
June 13, 2008 Issue 2
1 June 9
  • Activities staff revs up for new center
  • Why you should visit Cyphers Mine
  • Burro racing at Harlan
  • Another mountain to climb
  • The Roving Prospector returns to
    surprise crews this season
  • Order of the Arrow launches national conservation project, trains at Philmont
  • Good Deeds – Service to All
June 9, 2008 Issue 1
0 May 30
  • Writing the next chapter of Philmont history
  • Meet Bob Mazzuca, Chief Scout Exec
  • Phillips’ vision and the Philmont adventure
  • Welcoming you and participants to the Training Center
  • Great experiences at the Double H
  • The importance of servitude leadership
  • Welcome to Philmont — Your spiritual adventure begins here!
May 30, 2008 Banquet


About Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure™ base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country.