Itinerary Selection

2016 Itinerary Selection

The time is approaching for each crew to select an itinerary for their 2016 Philmont Trek. Materials are available online and will also be mailed to you to help with the process. Please read this material carefully so that you will be aware of the steps involved and how the process works. We look forward to helping you accomplish this important task.

Selection of an itinerary is necessary before your arrival at Philmont. Itinerary assignments will be made in the order they are received within the Philmont Roster Gateway.

2016 Itinerary Selection Begins
April 19th at 8AM, Pacific Daylight Time
April 19th at 9AM, Mountain Daylight Time
April 19th at 10AM, Central Daylight Time
April 19th at 11AM, Eastern Daylight Time

How do you get ready?

  • Click here learn about the Philmont Roster Gateway!
  • Access the Roster Gateway early: Lead advisors who access the Roster Gateway and follow the steps to set up their account before the April 19th, itinerary selection day will be able to submit their desired itinerary priorities much faster.
  • After reviewing the Philmont 2016 Itinerary Guidebook, your Crew Leader should work with the crew members to determine the crew's six desired itinerary numbers in priority order.
  • Philmont allows up to 2 crews to register for any of the available itineraries each day. This means that there are 70 itinerary spaces that 30-40 12-day crews are competing for on any given day. You are in no way competing with the 2,200 crews that will visit Philmont this summer.
  • In the event that none of your top 6 itinerary priorities are available, the Gateway will immediately ask you for 3 additional itinerary priorities.

12-day, 7-day & Cavalcade Trek Itinerary Books

The itinerary books linked below will be mailed from Philmont on April 8th. If the Lead Advisor has access the Roster Gateway and submitted their address, we will mail their Itinerary book directly to them. If a Lead Advisor's address is missing from the Roster Gateway, we will send their itinerary book to the Reservation Contact.

Itinerary Book Itineraries At A Glance Webpage
12-Day Crews Download View Webpage
7-Day Crews Download View Webpage
Cavalcade Crews Download View Webpage


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