Low Impact Bear Bags

  • Requires three 100’ x ¼” bear ropes, bear bags, a carabiner, and eight trees.
  • Fold a bear rope back on itself to create a double-lined 50’ rope and throw over the branch of a tree.
  • Pull the rope halfway over the branch.
  • Fold a second bear rope and throw over another tree branch about 20 feet away.
  • Pull the second bear rope halfway over the branch.
  • Connect the two bear ropes by using a weight bearing carabiner through the center loops.
  • Feed the third bear rope halfway through the carabiner.
  • Tie bear bags to alternating sides of the carabiner.
  • Pull the first two ropes and wrap the two ends of each line to separate trees while using sticks just like with normal bear lines.
  • Tie oops bags near the center loop of the third bear rope.
  • Pull up the third bear rope and wrap each end around unused trees. Use sticks between the rope and the bark just like with normal bear ropes.


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