Setting Up Tents

  • Tents must be at least 50 ft. away from any part of the Bear-muda Triangle.
  • Remember to check the four W’s before setting up your tent.
  • Tents should be placed in a tight cluster about 5-7 ft. apart and not in any geometric shapes like circles, squares, or lines. The reason for this is because an animal may feel trapped if it walks inside the circle and may become aggressive. Also, if the tents are set-up in a line, there is the possibility that a deer would try jumping over a tent without seeing the tents behind it, knocking them down and injuring people inside.
  • There should be no isolated tents as the majority of bear attacks involving tents happen to an isolated tent.
  • Some people have inquired about using hammocks on their trek but they are not allowed at Philmont due to damage on trees (girdling), the safety concern of someone walking into it at night, wildlife doing damage to it, and weather concerns.
  • The only items allowed inside a tent are a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, sleep clothes, flashlight, book, eyeglasses (no contacts), rain jacket, fleece, boots, socks, camp shoes, and emergency medication such as EpiPens®, inhalers, and diabetic medication. (All emergency medication should be wrapped in a sock and placed inside the right boot.)


About Philmont Scout Ranch

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